I was on my computer yesterday when it just turned off on me. It made a strange sound when I turned it back on, like a beeping. Then said Thermal Event(Overheating) and to take in for servicing. What does this mean? My computer has been a little slow lately. But now, every time I turn it on it lasts for maybe 10-15 minutes before shutting down again. I ran the full scan from pcpitstop, I don't know, I thought that would tell me if something was broken.

On the spyware scan it found something called vistadrive.exe-this is a win 32 mailer gen. exploit. Doesn't sound too good, and I don't know how to take it off. Could this possibly be whats wrong or is it something physical like a fan or something? Any advice on how I should proceed would be greatly appreciated.

xp pro sp2
intel pentium 4
3000 mhz

It's apparently a heat problem ...
Consider installing some extra coolers into your computer ...

You'll also have to remove that exploit from your computer ...
Maybe you should also try using another antispyware like Spybot S&D or Ad-aware Free ?

"THERMAL HEATING ISSUE" i am using INTEL D865GBF , with 40 GB hard disk and with 256MB ram. There are two things which makes your processor Overheat , First is the loose contact of processor with the provided frame , so insert packing in the processor frame to make the cccontact more stronger , what you guys need to do is to open the covers of your PC to make it cool and say no to overheating

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