How do I open large files? Aol says they can't support them so they can't or won't open them. I lose some of my emails this way. This happens when I have to downloead an email. What can I do to get it opened? Some of those emails contain pictures.

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Generally ISPs put some kind of limit on the size of the files that you can send/recieve email with. The reason for this is two-fold: firstly, it conserves space on the mail server so new mails can be retrieved. secondly, it helps to prevent email from being used as a primary means of file transfer, especially for things like warez and other illegitimate files, since they are usually rather large.

Here are some suggestions. Try having the person send only one picture per email. If they are sending one picture, have them compress them using something like WinZip before sending them. If it's still too big to be sent via email, then they are taking some FREAKING HUGE pictures. They need to reconsider how they're taking those pictures, and maybe size them down with a photo editor after taking them. Either that, or they need to set up some kind of free webhost like tripod or Geocities, and just email you links to the files they want you to see.

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