On a couple of DVD's I burn I get a little camera in the upper right of the screen on the movie when I play and about 20 minutes in on one of them the directors commentary displays in the bottom of the screen with no audio and I am not able to shut either of these distractions off with any of my DVD players options. Not sure if this is some type of encryption that the software I use misses, or if the DVD does something to my player when I put it in. I have burned 100's of movies before and I only have this issue with these 2 titles: "Without a Paddle" and "Lost Highway".

My OS is XP pro, and the burning softwares that I use are DVDShrink V, DVD helper, CloneDVD, FabDVD and DVDdecrytor. I have tried every combination of the above to shrink and burn but can't get the 2 issues to go away. DVD helper is normally just for Sony encryption removal, but the others I have listed work for every other movie I have tried.

Any ideas?

If you need more specific info, I am more than glad to get.

Thanks, :p


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Are these rented or borrowed dvd's?

2 rented copies of lost from 2 different places, and 1 borrowed, 1 rented paddle

I would love to help, but you have just proven your intent is illegal copying of these dvd's, so i nor anyone here can help you. Sorry, but we gotta stay good :)

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