I just got a laptop from Gateway with Windows XP Pro installed. I have wireless router and the new laptop will not find my conncton so i downloaded new INtel Pro/Wireless 2200bg driver software. After it's installed, it has a window coming up but everything is disabled and its X'ed and colored in black. The bottom says Wireless is off, so i click on turn wireless on. Then it comes out a warning says The intel pro/wireless network connection is still disabled. Use your hardware switch to enable it. I ca't find the hardware switch. Can some one please tell me?

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I know on Dells the radio switch is Fn+F2. Contact the Gateway tech support for more information as I couldn't find anything on their support site.

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right on the topic and straight forward wit hsolution

I'll bet it is some Fn key.

if you just look at the keys, you'll probably see a little icon of what looks like a radio tower. if you hit the Fn key and that key, it should enable it.

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very helpful and helped me solve the graphic problem

Thank you! Mine does have a "radio tower" looking button and it fixed it right up!


i am having the same problem and the Fn+F2 approach isnt working either.

what model of laptop are you running?

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