I recently got win 8 and when I want to connect to a vpn the main connection goes limited
so then it has no internet access
anybody knows how to fix it ?

What type of VPN connection are you referring to? Who are you connecting to and with what VPN client?

pptp vpn connction
i dont have any idea who i am connecting to
i use uk vpn servers

Have you followed these steps given at Technet?

Ok, so you are using the Windows built-in VPn connection. You have to know who you are connecting to. In any case, when you say that the main connection goes down, I assume you mean that you try to access other resources and cannot.

So with VPN, there are two types of connections. Split-tunnel and non-split tunnel. Split-tunnel allows you to maintain a VPN connection while still accessing resources outside of that connection such as other hosts on your local subnet as well as Internet resources outside of the corp VPN connection.

If you do not have split-tunnel capability, then all 100% of the traffic is sent to the VPN provider. Once the traffic is in that network, they route it, filter it, block, allow accordingly.

More info about your connection would be needed. In the mean time, do check out that link that BigPaw provided to see if it helps you work this out.

it just fixed thanks ;)

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