Change in Certification Policy NT vs 2000
By Jimmy Freligh

NT, 2000 Certifications arent they all the same the answer is no. Many people look at certifications as pointless and waste of money and easy. There is a big difference between NT and 2000. In September 20, 1999 Microsoft announced it will Retire the MCSE NT 4.0 Track by the end of 2001. Now there was about 450,000 MCSEs most of them considered Paper MCSEs the ones who studied questions and answers and passed the tests with a near perfect score and didnt know how to install a driver. Do you see a problem with that? Microsoft did and tried everything in there power to prevent it. Finally after years of fighting with this Microsoft has dropped the testing for NT.
Within a month thousands of people complained about MS retiring these tests, so Microsoft decided to keep the NT 4.0 MCP/MCSE Certificated people only if they get re-certified for NT or upgrade to 2000. Finally Microsoft says by June 30, 2001 if you dont upgrade or re-test for the new NT testing you will no longer be considered a MCP/MCSE, you will be considered certified for what ever test you took. NT being Multiple choice and hands on now as of 2002, 2000 as well, now will this single out all the paper MCSEs who wasted there money, you bet ya. Paper MCSEs give people who are certified MCPs/MCSEs a bad name. The word I want to get out is if youre a NT MCP/MCSE and you havent upgraded or got re-certified you are not a MCP/MCSE!

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WoW. Thats all i can say. Time for a new coursebook for the nt4 people :-)

your god damn right

Guess which lil gal programmer/comp sci major is going to finally get around to taking her A+ sometime this summer (eh, got nothing better to do!) ?

very very nice hehe need any pointers lol just know your BS

MAD_DOG - i have a simple request: if u wud please refrain from using the Lord's name in vain. i'm not Bible thumpin @ u or anything, its a simple request that u can either ignore or respect, up 2 u.

NP talked to a Admin to get rid of it. Sorry I dont believe in God I dont see things how you see them with words once again sorry about that.

no prob MAD_DOG, just a simple request - and very much appreciated; figure one needs 2 have self-respect 2 show it 2 others and its a pleasure 2 tip my hat 2 ya in return. one thing i always ask somebody when they state they dont believe is 2 ask themselves what if theyre wrong & God does exist? usually puts things in a different light. pretty sure this isn't the right forum 4 all of this so plz feel free 2 pm me (u or any1 else) if ur curious abt chatting abt it.

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