windows 7 was a nice one,I have tried it,it worked well.I still had a problem with installing a usb webcam to work with,I haven't tried windows 8 yet,I can't find a site to download,thanks

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Hallo,thanks for link,let me try it!

Widows 8 is not user friendly as compare to windows 7

don't you know of any site where I can download windows 7 mine crashed!

If you mean a cracked copy or otherwise illegal download, then no we will not post links to such sites and asking for the same is a breach of DaniWeb rules.

If you mean a legit copy of Windows 7, and you do not have physical media, then you will need to contact your supplier or Microsoft support for help.

Unfortunately piracy is not allowed on forums as it is illegal. Instead, you can upgrade to a complete Windows 8 version at a very low cost if your computer came with a Windows 7, Vista or XP license. Depending on the country you reside in, this should be around $30. :)

@caseyclark-no one is going to assist you on this forum site with regard to hacking Windows 7.

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