Hi all,

I just built myself a new computer and reluctantly bought vista aswell,and just as i thought nothing but problems so far (love halo 2 though) anyways i have a logitech G7 wireless mouse and it just keeps on stoping and not moving at random about 10secs later it goes again just wondering if anyone has any info or maby having the same problem so that i know that its vista. I have tryed it on my other partition with xp and it seems to be fine but just thought id ask to make sure.

On another note halo 2 seems to be a bit buggerd aswell my computer is more than capable of playing any of the new games. I am getting a kind of flashing all over the place espessaly on the character. Again just wondering if anyone els is having the same problems.

Thankyou all for any help:)

mmm, are you sure the mouse is Vista compatible? If not that is why you are having the jitteredness. Also check to see that the mouse as a full battery, and that the adapter connected into the PC has a gd connection, and isn't hanging out.

For Halo 2, check that you are running the latest patch, and check that your gfx card has the latest drivers installed.

Thankyou for your reply,

I have checked everything mouse is vista compatible, batteries are all good cause it comes with 2 batteries one on charge and one in mouse i also have the latest vista drivers and software for it and the connections are all good. I have googled around a bit and it seems that a few people are having similar problems but they have found no fix for it unfortunately. I just dont know damit!!! iv tryed everything.

As for halo 2 i have a nvidia 8800gts and i downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia so im pretty sure i have the latest. I also checked it on driver genius it says all good too.

Thanks again for the help;)

If the mouse problem persists, take it back to where you purchased it from and ask for a replacement. If you bought online, e-mail their customer services and give them a nice complaint! :P

Hey man I hear you on this mouse problem. I am a computer builder myself and do it for a living. I have contacted Microsoft and have gotten no where yet. I to have the same problem. I am running vista ultimate 64bit edition on an ASUS with an AMD dual core processor. I have no errors what so ever other than this mouse issue. I would like to ask you a few question so that I may try to help each other. I used a logitech G518 mouse and it had the same problem glitching, (not moving), then a few second later it would move to where it was supposed to be. So I changed the mouse out and used another one that was no vista compatible as far as I know and it has the same issue. It appears as though it turns off for a split second and then back on. So it has nothing to do with the mouse thus far.

Here are my questions;

1. In the event viewer are you getting this error
"The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

To get to the event viewer go to start/control panel/administrative
tools/event viewer/system

look for a red error sign and see if you get that error as well
because I do. I want to see if that might be the problem.

2. Are you using the USB connection for the mouse

3. Are there any other errors that are present that might be related to
this issue in the event viewer

4. did you install all drivers not installed by Vista

5. What version of vista are you useing

Please get back to ma asap so we can help each other out and or let me know if you found a fix as I need to get mine working. My name is chris if you have any questions let me know.

Have you got one of those converters that change the USB to a PS/2 connection?
If you are going through that, it may solve the problem, seeing as you are using the PS/2 stnadard connection and not a USB one requiring drivers. Worth a try.

I think that might be a temporary fix but certainly not a permanent. I think that is what he and I both are looking for. But great Idea.

I built my own system recently too, with windows vista... and I have no problems, why not? Because I use wired mice! More responsive!! No connection probs!! just get a wired mouse :D

Have you tried going to logitech and checking if they have an updated driver for the G7???

He has a wireless and I have a wired. You have no problems because you are using a 32bit not a 64bit and you are probably not using ultimate. Stupid comments don't help anyone and if you read what he said he said he has the most recent ones.

An update to all. I have used the usb to ps2 converter and all is well. I first thought that it would work with the logitech setup that controls the other buttons. However it does. Thanks for your advice serunson. Get at me if anyone has any questions or needs help.


No worries, anytime help is at hand :)

Hello again Guys,

Sorry for the delayed response been a bit busy!!
The answers to you questions demise.

No i have no errors
Yes i use USB not ps2
I have tryed the vista drivers that is when the problem started so i updated to the official logitech drivers but to no avail.
I am running vista home premium.i would have gone higher but i was reluctant to even buy vista due to the fact that its a new OS and theres bugs everywhere.

And so demise did you say that the conversion helped did it if so ill give it a go.

And yes i know that wired is better but i love not haveing wire's everywhere!! I have 3 computers 1 xbox 360, 1 xbox, ps2, cube and to top it off i also have my music production hardware ALL IN ONE ROOM that is called my bedroom LOL (living with my g/f oldys for a while) so the less wire's the better.

Anyways thanks for all the help guys ill reply quicker now:)

My mouse doing near same thing, and i am running windows xp home.
mx518 mouse, seems like its turning itself off and back on, its not a wirless mouse, it plugs into the USB port. When it goes out, the computer makes that sound it makes, when you unplug something, and when it comes back on same sound, for pluging it back in.
Funny thing is, this is my 3ard mx518 and all 3 have done this same thing after a few months, first one i just thought i might have gotten a limen, second one fell on the floor few times and i thought it might have done somthing, this one is been treated very well and still it started doing it, if anything it started doing it sooner then the others.

About the only thing i have found to fix this problem is going out to buy a new mouse.

Mice tend to work best on Vista and Win7 with native plug-and-play drivers. The problems often begin when using the 3rd party drivers and apps supplied by the 3rd-party vendor.

Try uninstalling Logitech's SetPoint and driver package (drivers may need to be uninstalled via device manager.

After re-boot, plug the mouse back in and allow Windows to install native drivers. Let us know if this helps :)

Most of your answers are Greek to me; but I appreciate your allowing me to be on this list.
I have a new, six months, HP with Vista. The mouse is wired. The mouse is difficult to get started, especially when computer is put into the sleep mode. I have to bang the mouse, turn it upside down etc. to get it to work.
Any ideas with TIA
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