My Outlook emails got corrupted and i have no backup file. Someone suggest me about how can i restore Outlook emails from damage Outlook database?

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IMAP emails and folders are also remotely stored on the mail server. If any emails are not recoverable they can be deleted using Windows Explorer and reconnection to the mail srver will restore them.
POP email accounts however are not supported in this manner.

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If your email server keeps mails permanantly, you can just make a backup or then delete the OST and outlook will recreate it from the current exchange mailbox contents.

If your email was stored in a local PST, and exchange no longer has these messages, then you need to try the repair tool or find a backup of the PST.


Hi, Hennarypotter04
You can easily restore Outlook emails. I also faced the same problem a few days before. After a lot of internet search I found a software to repair Microsoft Outlook for restoring Outlook emails.

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