Ok, so yesterday my computer was basically in the dump, it was crashing every 10 minutes, and i couldnt do much of anything on it. So i ran Memtest and received 54000 errors... this morning i reinstalled windows cleared the hard drive and now the computer runs better then ever, and yet i run memtest and still receive thousands of errors... im confused, should i bring my laptop into bestbuy since it is still under warranty even though it runs fine, but Memtest fails miserably... any suggestions?

memtest tests your RAM. There must be something wrong with that. Try taking a stick out if there is more than two.

ya i know it tests ram, lol, but if there are problems with my ram wouldnt there be performance issues/ crashing... my computer is running flawlessly right now

It may seem to run flawlessly but if something essential is stored in memory it could crash. Something like an internet browser may use a bad part of memory and it glitches for a second but if system critical program uses a bad part it may crash.

If it is under warranty give em a ring and see what they say. Really they should't be that many errors.

yeah from everything ive read if memtest fails people get a handful of errors not thousands and thousands of errors... ill call bestbuy tomorrow

OK, so i switched out the memory cards and one of my 2gb memory sticks is just filled with errors, the other is crystal clean... maybe bestbuy will replace it, if not asus should