Just looking at my entries in my Process Explorer and I noticed the JAVA updater was in there.

I turned that off. So I went back to the JAVA console and indeed it was on. I turned it off and it gave me a warning and again I chose to turn it off. Then pressed apply and OK. Get out of the console and then go back in and it is checked off to check for updates again. It is ignoring the entries I am making.

Anyone else have this problem? I also had that issue with the advanced area on the recent version. It refused to update.

How do I get around this? Is there a registry entry that I can rewrite to deal with this?

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this may be totally off the beam but I have had similiar problems caused by Microsfot security essentials and by totally removing that the java update went ok. Perhaps just by chance, but reading various bogs I doubt it. There have been problems with java and updates are coming out regularly.


Don't think I have MS Security Essentials installed. If it was something that came with XP it may be in there.

My last version of JAVA had this same problem with the advanced area. It would always reset to default when I changed things.

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