I have sharepoint 2010 setup on a server called 'sharepoint2010' and i have a file share setup on another server called 'filestore\files'.

If i use the page view web part i can display the contents of the file share internally in our network by pointing the url to '\filestore\files'. Which works fine.

I also have this site setup externally uzing this url - 'intranet.domainname.com'

this web address is how external users access my sharepoint site.


When a user acccess the sharepoint site externally using the url - 'intranet.domainname.com' the contents of the file share is not displayed.

How do i make the '\filestore\files' file share available when a user access the sharepoint site using the url.

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Problem here is that the shared location is just a pointer to the location the files are stored. An internal user works fine because, for example, a file share on server1.local that is published in sharepoint can be accessed from the internal network. When you are external, you are clicking on the same sharepoint link for server1.local, but of course you will never be able to access that host while outside the network.

For an external user to access files on sharepoint, the files must be uploaded into sharepoint as a file or list or whatever, so long as the file is loaded to the sharepoint site itself.

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