With my Dell R17 i5 laptop and all the bloated junk on it I am wondering if I can do this....

I bought Windows 7 Home Premium that is on my desktop, is there anyway I can use the disk from that pack and format the laptop using it? Using the laptops own windows 7 numbers of course.
Or will this cause more problems for me?
My desktop is so clean and runs great, so this is why the thought came to me.


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It shouldn't be a problem, as long as the serial on the laptop is for home premium. During the install, there's an advanced disk options button that you have to click (can't remember exactly whereabouts in the install it is) where you will find the option to reformat the drive before installation.

Good Luck


Yes both the desktop disks and the laptop are for Windows 7 Home Premium.

I didn't know if it would cause a problem doing this.

I've redone this desktop several times, because something I used it didn't like and it seemed the easiest way out ;)

I never feel like it really formats though, as it does it so fast ;)


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