Hello everybody,
I have some issue which I cannot even guess where to begin with solution. In one personal computer I have an application from which I donĀ“t have the installation media. The previous owner lost it.
My motherboard (LGA775 sock) failed and I had to replace the motherboard and the CPU. I created an image of the original hard-drive and cloned it to a new drive (SATA to SATA). This is perfectly working now. I installed the new hardware drivers and the service packs (SP2 and SP3).
This was necessary because the new hardware components was not all recognized by the OS with SP1. (this was the original installation status)
Right now the application which I noted at the beginning is working too. It starts up and it also works.

The problem is that in some point the application hangs and cannot be killed even by task manager.
Thanks for all suggestions.

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I would test this images in a Virtual Guest without applying the service packs and see what happends. Then if it works OK, apply SP3 and test again. By the way, for OS service packs, you do not have to apply them in order. You can go from SP1 to SP3. In MS Office, you do apply them in order.


Thank you for your answer. I will give it a try.
Actual status is - it looks like there are some permission problems. For example when I run the application in my user (admin) I cannot stop the application. It freezes in this point.
But when I use the SYSTEM user it is able to successfully close the application. Actually the application is trying to pop-up a message for me (Do you whant to quit) but in standard user I never get the popup window?
I forgot to mention the OS - Windows Xp Home.


I think that this will be the case since the application looks like was designed fro windows 2000. I think that WinXp SP1 is closer to windows 2000 then SP3. Do anybody have an overwiev of those XP service packs?
How much those SPs modify the OS structure? I am going to try it with SP1.

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