I kind of don't, *erm*, have a start menu anymore. How can I fix this?

*Edit* The start menu loaded again. But still, there was one time this happened and the start menu never loaded, even after I left the computer on overnight. Any way to fix this?

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Right click on the Start button and choose the button for customizing the Start menu. Ensure that the necessary entries are enabled on the Advanced tab and Apply.

Umm...with all due respect, I don't see how that would work. Seeing as how I wouldn't HAVE a Start Button to fix the problem WITH.

Oh, but you only said that your start menu has disappeared. Are you now saying that your entire Taskbar has disappeared? It helps to provide full details of your problem, rather than just part of it.

If the Tasbar itself is not being displayed, perhaps it has simply been set to 'hidden'. Start up, and when Windows has finished booting bring the mouse pointer down to the very bottom of the screen and wait a while to see if it appears. If so, right-click on a blank area of the taskbar and choose 'Properties'. Then, on the Taskbar tab, deselect 'Auto-hide the taskbar'.

Oh, sorry, my bad. :o Well I'll try that out if it happens next time. Thanks for your help!

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