At start up, even from hibernate, Atheros 5007UG WirelessAdapter 2
downloads and crashes internet connection.
The only way to get my system back is to do a system restore, but the same
thing will happen next time I start up.
Any other programme needs permission to install but not this, although it seems
genuine enough.
I can't find Atheros listed in start up items or in the programme list for this
Windows 7 laptop.
It is called Driver Device Software for USB Device.
I don't use a USB device.
I don't want the download but I can't find a way to stop it.

This is a laptop? Many laptop WiFi devices are USB connected, even when they are internal. My Dell D630 Wifi card is usb, but internally connected.

not sure if you are uisng win7 or 8 ,but you should be able to find reference to it in msconif /startup in win 7 or task manager /startup tab and check it to stop it from doing this all the time

rubberman OK, but that does not solve the problem regarding
being disconnected from the internet.

caperjack It is Windows 7.
I have checked again in msconfig, and it is not listed
as Atheros.
Could it be listed under a different name?

does Atheros 5007UG WirelessAdapter 2 show up in device manager ,the problem could be because of win7 driver comaptability for this device .

it could be disconnecting from the internet because it resetting the connection to the network[internet] .i think thats a posable anyway .are you connected wireless or wired when this happens .if wired try disabling the wireless device in device manager after it reinstalls .then reboot computer to see what happens
the restoring of windows could be just causing the problem to start over again and again

Thanks caperjack.
I have been switching between machines to try to find a solution
and the problem is in Windows Vista laptop. Apologies.
The connection is wireless when this happens.
Atheros is not at present showing in start up items or in task manager.
Having expanded items in Device Manager I see now that it does show under
Network Adapters.
Options are uninstall,update,disable, scan for hardware changes and properties.

At start up, even from hibernate, Atheros 5007UG WirelessAdapter 2

i have been using and fixing computer for years now and have never seen or had a device do this before without it being a driver compatiblity issue, but when i have a video device doing this it was only after i did a troubleshoot on the device .i think you need to find correct win7 drivers for the device ,what is the make and model of the laptop .found on the back of the laptop .better still try this so i can see the info
Use Speccy to provide details of your computer's configuration.

Download, free speccy ,   , install, and run.
After Speccy has finished gathering information, click File > Publish Snapshot.
Click Yes. A web address will be displayed.
Click Copy to Clipboard and paste it in your next post.
Include your computer's manufacturer and model number, if available.

Hi caperjack.
When I opened up early this morning the Atheros downloaded again and, as usual, disconnected me from the internet.
I tried reconnecting but failed.
However, a box opened saying that network connections were available.
I clicked on this and another box opened showing a list of available networks, including my usual one.
When I clicked on this a box opened asking for my 26 digit code, which I got from underneath the modem - being satisfied at this stage that all was above board.
On clicking OK after inserting this number my internet connection was restored.
Everything seems to be running fine now.
I turned on and off several times since.
Atheros no longer downloads, presumably having been installed, and I no longer lose my internet connection at startup.
Also, I have run several scans, just to be on the safe side, and all are coming up clean.

good job, hope it keeps working for you ,

Many thanks, caperjack.
Congratulations on your number of posts
and on your commitment to helping others.

Hi rubberman.
I have now resolved this issue, I hope, and wanted to thank you
for your contribution before I close the topic.