Hi Guys and Girls, I tried to install a new keyboard and mouse (wireless) on the computer. It wouldnt work, so i reinstalled the original set. Now the computer will not even boot up, it seems to be in a sleep mode, cant even get to the BIOS screen.. any help would be awesome.

No i didnt make a boot disk.. nothing could possibly go wrong.. yeah right.

Some help with this problem would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hold the power on/off switch down for a few seconds, that will make your machine turn off.

Let go of the power switch, and press it again to turn it back on.

Now keep tapping the F8 key as it starts, you should get some windows boot options.

You can try the "Last known good configuration" option (use the up /down arrow keys and hit enter)

You could also try "Safe mode" option.

One of these should allow your machine to boot up again.


Thanks for the suggestion Andy, but it wont go past sitting at idle.. no screen action no nothing.

Ok, will be back in about 1 hour, in the mean time can you tell me:

Is it a PC or laptop?
What version on Windows do you have?

When I get back we'll have a go a solving it

It is a PC running win 7 pro,

I am on early shift tomorrow.. so wont get back to this until later.. your help is appreciated.


Ok, I am presuming some things until you can get back to me.

On the basis that you are not getting any display on screen and you managed to turn off the PC and back on again:

Lets start with the basics (sorry if you've tried all of this already)

Turn off your monitor, up-plug it.
Turn off your PC by holding the power button in for a few seconds.
If your PC has a power on/off swith next to the power cable - swith it off.
Remove the power cable from the back of your PC.
Remove the mouse and keyboard.
Wait about 30 minutes!

Plug the power cable into your PC.
Switch the power on at the back (if it has one).
Plug your monitor in to the power.
Plug the monitor cable back into the PC.
Turn on your monitor.
Turn on your PC.

When you have done this:

Questions about your monitor -
Does your monitor power light come on?
Does it normally turn green when your PC is working OK?
Does the monitor light flash?
Does it say "No signal"?

Questions about your PC -
Does your PC "Beep" when you start it normally?
Can you hear the power supply fan working? (the fan at the back of the PC)
Does your PC have a power on light, if so is it on?
Does your PC have a light to show disk activity, if so can you see any activity?

The usual causes are:
Video card in PC not working
PC power supply not working properly
Memory (RAM) faulty
Monitor not working

It sounds like you are describing the PC is on (power at least)

If at this stage you get a display on screen, switch the PC off again, re-connect the mouse and keyboard and turn on again. Does it give a display now?

If you don't get a display on screen:
Take your PC (and monitor) to a friends house and:

  1. Plug in your monitor to their PC - see if you get a display.
  2. Plug your PC into their monitor - see if you get a display.

Sorry it's a few things to try but to fix this we need to find the cause of the problem.

Maybe write these instructions down before trying.

Let me know - good luck.

Hi Andy, i followed your instructions, and included a massive cleanup inside the case, very dusty, also removed and replaced the button battery on the motherboard. put all back together and fired it up, it is now going and has downloaded drivers for various things.
So. all in all a success, thanks to your advice.

Glad you got it sorted!
All the best,

Mine is doing the exact same thing except it is new and beeps nonstop.Then it tells me tap Shift-F10 and Thats the Atheros Boot Agent i dont know what to do next Please Help!!!! Also it tells me Reboot and select proper boot device ???

Hi dl,

If you are getting the message "Reboot and select proper boot device" this tells me your computer cannot see the hard drive to boot up Windows.

Is it a Laptop or PC? - if it's a laptop what make / model is it?

Do you know how to go into the BIOS program?

The BIOS program is the very first program your computer runs (even before Windows)
The BIOS "looks" for a disk it can boot Windows from.

How many beeps (please count them for me)?
Are they long / short or a mixture of both?

Happy to help,

try live os friend.. it will help u to chech weather it boot or not

The BIOS is not seeing the boot disk, I have 25 years experience in all areas of IT.
From experience, it's better to try it my way.

Nonstop beeping sounds like a RAM problem?

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