After the latest critical update I can receive emails but can no longer send emails. Error message states it cannot connect with the server

you need to check properties and make sure the SMPT is correctly setup.if you don't know it your ISP can tell you

Hey, thanks for the reply. Had checked the smtp beforehand but seems okay. Wasn't able to send or receive before but fixed the latter but cannot seem to fix the "send". It is an 0xccc0e problem. Frustrating because there is no support I can find from the Windows Live site and the only other solutions are expensive software programs.

i would try recreating the acct ,new,it might just be a setting mixup

Tanks but finally resovled the problem by going in and resetting my port from 25 to 587. Seems port 25 is the most used address for mail services to communicate with one another. But is also the address most used for malware. So, a lot of ISPs' are now using 587 like mine...Earthlink.

great ,now i will check mine ,

nope only worked on 25