so i had made a GPO which for a mapped drive and i implemented to all of my OU but how can i set specific users to have access to that shared folder even all of users can see that folder.

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You simply need to set up the appropriate share and NTFS permissions on this file share resource. So, I'd recommend that you set the Share Permissions to "Everyone - Full Control" (don't freak out..) and restrict the permissions using the Security Tab (NTFS permissions) on the properties to the proper read and write permissions.

When you have both Share and NTFS permissions in place, the most restrictive permissions are applied. I have a summary in this link: Share vs NTFS Permissions.

In this case, based on your description, the Share Permissions would be set to "everyone -full control", then on the Security Tab, you can assign "Authenticated Users - Read" and then apply "Modify - GroupofUsersName". This will allow all users in your domain to be able to read, but only the users that are members of the group to modify (read/write/delete) files/folders.


is it possible to have another shared folder inside a shared folder?if it is how can to do it?


That is possible. Share each folder. I dont understand what you mean by how can I do that. You share the second folder the same way you share the first.

Is there a specific reason why you want to do this?


thanks, yes there is. we are instructed to make a shared folder for our technology course and inside of it are the folders for each section.

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I still don't see why you would share folders inside of the parent share, but you can if you wish.

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