My Presario X1000 has been humming along nicely on XP Pro since new (couple of years ago). All of a sudden I need a new hard drive. So the only guy in town (a photo copier mechanic) puts one in! Bingo! Back in business right? :sad: Now I can't get web-site backdrops or colour, web-site script is all over the place and doubles up on each other making it un-readable! Even my email doesn't show color fonts when producing an email but it does arrive 'blue linked'. I took font size to zero, doesn't change anything. He has given up! Seems to think I need more power:?: Someone said to me that the HD may be pirated,'whatever that means?'

I have had one other person take a look who is a Techie who has just arrived here and he gives up too:eek: If you think you can crack this, please help, Thank Yu Tumas! (local Bislama)


I don;t know that a HD could be "pirated", but it certainly is possible that the guy who installedit could've put a virus on it. Have you run a virus scan? How about sa spyware or adware scan? I would suggest at least running Spybot Search and Destroy, and Adaware, but you should also run an anti-virus scan if you haven't already.

if that happened to me, i would just re-format again. but before that download another web browser like firefox ( and see if that gives you any guff. also make sure you have the correct graphics driver installed (which you can download from the hp/compaq website). i don't believe a hard drive can be 'pirated'. software and os's can be pirated, but i don't think thats your problem. it sounds more like a software problem to me. it wouldn't be the hard drives fault if you are getting errors like that.

That problem sounds pretty stupid, man. Seems like you might have let some Joe Smo do you a doosie...

lol jk. Man your issue isn't too bad. Just try to run a program like adaware, or spybot and run a virus scan. Try Hi Jack This and post your results to a place like this. Or u can do msconfig and see if anything suspicious is starting up with your pc.

You can always bring it to Kline IT solutions in Stone Mtn Georgia, but we dont pay air fare buddy.

Thanks Dude! Nextt time I fly 13,000 miles, I'll buy you beer! You probably drink JD right?