So, I was watching a movie on my laptop when I got a blue screen.
After the laptot restarted, it got stuck on the Starting Windows screen. The logo and the loading bar didn't appear.
I tried to go into safe mode, but it got stuck on the Loading files, please wait screen.
I tried Startup Repair also, I got a message with :"Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically",
I checked the details and the error code was 0x490 (No OS files found on disk), so I tried reinstalling Windows 7
, but when I booted form the cd I got an error that said :"Windows ha encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer" Info: An unexpected I/O error has occured. The CD ROM drive was working before the blue screen.
I tried booting the Windows 7 from an USB Flash, but it got stuck on a blanc screen.
Please, if you have a solution to this prolem, let me know.

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hi,and welcome to Daniweb, it soulds like you computer may have over heated or you hard drive crapped out on you ,just my first 2 thoughts on the problem ,
also what was the laptop lying on when it bsod

Hi, I suggest first try isolate the general nature of issue by running a Ubuntu Linux distro in try mode- this is an alternate operating system useful for testing for software vs hardware problems on Windows installed computers that are not booting

If Linux runs normally then most likely a software related issue including virus (almost all parasites will not run when using Linux)
If Linux does not run normally then most likely a hardware device issue
This includes booting normally then crashing during subsequent running of apps ( possible heat related, possible bad ram memory)

Used as a low cost diagnostic tool is not 100% accurate (unless tested while computer was good Linux may not have been supported anyhow) , but a good start at acquiring a somewhat better understanding of the general issue taking into account the limitations

Running Ubuntu in "try mode" loads onto and runs from a ram memory located virtual drive and so does not alter any existing files located on the hard disk drive
Upon shut down all software located on the virtual drive is erased
However one can edit files located on the hard disk drive (these will not be rolled-back)
As a test tool best to disconnect any attached usb modems as sometimes reinstallation maybe required upon restarting in Windows (my experience anyhow)

ps - if boots ok in Linux you can, if required, save valued personal files located on the disk drive to removable media

Thank you for your help. The laptop was lying on a desk so it shouldn't be an overheathing problem, altought I had some problems with the laptop's cooling ,but only when I was playing games on it, and this time I only watched a movie. I will try the ubuntu and reply if the problem is solved.

Hi - does sound like a video device over heating issue - some laptops have faulty video chip heat sink issues
I am a rank novice regarding Linux but my impression is will be difficult to run sustained high load video due to lack of high resource games however playing dvds should not be a problem
There might be a bundled benchmark that includes video - so running that might a useful test

Does the problem go away after the laptop cools down?

If not, another option (probably after trying ubuntu) is UBCD4WIN. It gives you a basic Windows environment bootable from the CD. It contains numerous tools you can use to scan for infections, repair Windows, test memory, recover files, and many other operations.

If the hard drive is bad, or your O/S won't repair, either UBCD4WIN or a Linux live disk will allow you to back up any undamaged files to a flash drive. Sometimes, you can recover damaged files, as well.

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