Hi my hard disk drive D: appears in "DEVICE MANAGER" but does not appear in "MY COMPUTER" How do i get it to appear in "MY COMPUTER"?

1) Please read the following Microsoft support article (especially the "Symptoms" section), which describes the particular CD/DVD drive problem we've mostly been dealing with in this thread:

2) If your symptoms are the same as those described in the support article, follow the instructions for downloading and using the xp_cd_dvd_fix script that I supplied back in the 4th post in this thread.

3) If your symptoms are not exactly the same, please give us as much specific detail concerning your problem as possible (the text of any errors you receive, some history concerning the onset of the problem, details of all troubleshooting procedures you've tried so far, etc.).

DMR...all I have to say is thanks. I just realized that one of my drives had vanished and luckily I had found this thread. Thanks for providing the fix.

You're welcome; glad we could help!

Do you use a Desktop PC or Notebook?

I have the same problem now. and i am using Notebook. please help

one of three things:

software issue or corruption causing it to be dissappeared

listed under a different drive letter

hardware failure (either the cable, controller, or the drive itself)

Can you run cd's on your pc?? if you can, it's a glitch. if you can't, it's a problem.

if you can run a cd when the pc reboots, do a repair install

Thanks... my DVD drive has been out for weeks so I finally decided to block out time today. This fix was fast, easy and it worked!!! One problem remains...while I can play DVD's and CD's, via WMP, I cannot view the contents via explorer.

I'll try rebooting later (working on a project)... in the meantime...any more tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks DMR, another satisfied customer.

The drives for my CDRom and CD Burning are suddenly missing when I click on 'My Computer'. I am not sure when they went missing. I did a Belarc system check and they are not shown. My OS is WinXP Pro SP2.

Can I do something in system restore. Can I keep resetting system restore and go back day by day until they re-appear?

Hi carroe and welcome to Daniweb,
You have hijacked a thread from Oct 27th, 2008, If you need more help please start your own thread with a lot more information.

Open "Devise Manager" To access the “Devise Manager” Go “Start” “Run” type “devmgmt.msc” without the “ “ then press “OK”, see if there is a reference to your CD drive there and or any yellow exclamation marks. If so right click on it and click on update driver and follow the prompts.

Download and run Dial-a-fix http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Dial-a-fix-Download-27328.html then use tools to restore the icons.

Good luck

I have two identical laptops (Acer travelmate). On one there seems to be a drive missing.I also have a drive missing. My software "audio cleaning lab" works great on the one machine, but not on the other. When I put in a cd to the first machine everything works. When I put a cd into the second machine, a message ccomes up "CD drive not supported". Going back to the first machine, it gives me details of the drive. It is DVD-RW GCA-4048N[/

Can you advise what is going on? How do I restore the drive to the first machine?



wow...yhanx alot everyone
it did mine work too
thanx alot

wow...thanx alot everyone
it did mine work too
thanx alot

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