hi ...hope you are all ok.
since yesterday i ve noticed a quite weird problem on my laptop..
i connect usually via wireless dsl connection..i turn on my external router and set the Wlan button from my laptop to on ...then after a while the wlan icon appears as transmitting on the bottom toolbar of my desktop...this is what happens usually...if it happens sometimes that i cannot find a connection i click on the same icon and go to "view available wireless connections" and then with the "refresh network list" button i find my wlan network and connect to it ...
now what happened since yesterday is this...
i did what i do usually to connect but the laptop wouldnt detect the wlan network so i tried to refresh the list and i got the message that "windows cannot configure this wireless connection.if you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection ,use that software.
if you want windows to configure this wireless connection, start the wireless zero configuration service (WZC) .for information about starting the WZC see article 871122 in the microsoft knowledge base on the microsoft.com knowledge website"

oh and the even crazier thing is that after restarting i can go online and when i click on the wlan icon it shows normally my wlan network with full strength signal and all details in order ...when click on the view available networks it shows the message i mentioned above , yet it used to show my network up untill yesterday...

now does anybody here have a clue on what might be the problem?
i know for sure i didnt assign any program to manage my wlan other than windows so what is this all about , i frankly dont understand...
thank you fo your assistance.

ok ...all fixed with the help of microsoft .com
i started this WZC and it fixed it on its own ...
i still wander thgough what had happened and it was changed ..

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