I'm trying to delete a file, but unfortunately I always get the message "Error Deleting File or Folder: Cannot delete .... : it is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again."
I'm trying to delete the files for days now, but nothing works.
I already tried to delete via command prompt - it didn't work. rebooting the computer didn't help, either. Even rebooting in the safe mode didn't change anything.
Thing is, I can't find any program or person that is using this file.
Does anyone have an idea?
PS: It is an exe file.

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Try using Kilbox.

Please download Pocket Killbox by O^E.

Please double-click Killbox.exe to run it.

Check Delete on Reboot

Paste the path of the file into the textbox, then click the red X. Reboot your computer if it doesn't do so automatically.

Hey tayspen,
It worked absolutely perfect! The files are deleted now.
Thanks a lot!

Glad you got it :).

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