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What is that suppose to mean?

By this post you have broken several rules:
1. Do post in full-sentence English
2. Do use clear and relevant titles for new articles
3. Do not write in all uppercase or use "leet", "txt" or "chatroom" speak
4. Do read the forum description to ensure it is is relevant for your posting

thus erning a downvote from me.


I think I've decoded the message, thanks to online translation and a quick search. I believe the language is a poorly written piece of Javanese which when replaced with the correct spelling results in:

Cannot be replaced??

So my guess is, "Can the CPU be replaced?" to which the answer depends on the type of laptop it is, however the most likely answer is yes but it can be difficult as most laptops are built around specific pieces of hardware from a specific manufacturer, which is often difficult to obtain.

But please, although Daniweb does welcome foreign members to the forums, it is an English forum and therefore questions and answers should be written in English.

----- Google Translate - Javanese Version -----

Aku wis decoded pesen, thanks online agensi lan telusur cepet. Kawula pitados bilih basa punika Piece lingkungan sing ditulis Jawa kang yen diganti nganggo bener asil Ejaan ing:

Ora bisa diganti?

Supaya sandi guess punika, "bisa ing CPU diganti?" kanggo kang Jawaban gumantung ing jinis laptop, punika, nanging ing Jawaban paling kamungkinan iku ya bisa nanging angel minangka sing paling Laptops sing dibangun watara tartamtu bagéyan hardware saka Produsèn tartamtu, kang asring angel kanggo njupuk.

Nanging monggo, sanajan ora Daniweb welcome manca kanggo anggota forum, iku sing forum Inggris lan Mulane pitakonan lan jawaban kudu ditulis ing Inggris.

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