Hi All,

I just run a clean install on three of my dx2300 MT and the problem am facing is i can log on as administrator without any problem but cant log on using user or guest account.

The computers are running on XP Pro SP3 and joined to a work group.Any help rendered will highly appreciated.

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You did a clean install on all three PCs.
You have them connected as a work group, how?
What have you done to set up the work group?
You can log on as administrator, on all three PCs?
You can not log on as user...,on all three machines?
Have you had these machines working together before you clean installed?
Did you do a separate install for all three machines or did you do one install and cloned that and installed that on the other two?


default installation would cause a computer to be on a workgroup since yousaid its clean install that means only administrator acount is available is join in server before u done clean installation

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