At the start of the current football season I purchased a 'football fixture and table' piece of software from Sports Fixture Systems for £39. On receipt I was unable to open package and therefore contacted firm. The firm sent me another piece of software valued at £25 as substitute. This second item initially seemed to be fantastic and I was well pleased. However during the season, I uncovered major flaws with it and contacted Sports Fixture Systems again.
Initially they seemed helpful and asked me to send the package back. I attempted unsucessfully twice. Eventually on the third attempt I managed to do so but was gobsmacked when in return they refused to correct their own flawed software but have also cut off all communication as well as deleting my account from their website.
Apparently they consider I paid only £39 for £64 worth of software, although I maintain I actually paid £39 for only £25 of software - the original package remains unopened.
They want another £30 to correct their own design faults. They said I should have alerted them of problems during trial period, but these faults only developed during the football season.
(I have kept all emails between us which will confirm accuracy and thruthfulness of above.)

Basically the package which I use for my fantasy football league is on Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and has columns that do not allow any number greater than 99 before going into # # # on the goal difference column.
It also refuses to accept any score higher than 99. Another problem is that I need the teams to play each other more than twice, but with this software it is impossible. The software is unfit for purpose.
The software is password protected, preventing me from making these minor ajustments. Besides that I am completely computer illiterate and am unable to make ajustments even following a guide.

Is there anybody out there who could help me please?
I can and will send package to all replies.
Many thanks
Tom N

After reading your tale of woe, I think you are screwed with respect to the software that you bought and you need to move on. You might be able to break through the password protection but someone who is completely computer illiterate has almost no chance of being able to change the software to make it work the way you want.

There are free / open source packages out there. I interpret what you are doing as a fantasy football league. Try the link below to see some open source options. If I have incorrectly interpreted what you are looking for, just change the search:

I would certainly wish to write off the purchase of this software to experience and move on, but unfortunately the football season has already started, and all the teams know the fixture list. Another piece of software would have the fixtures in a different order to that of SportsFixtureSystems. That is the reason I'm desperately attempting to get it remedied.