this is two weeks i cannot access my yahoo account because i have forgot my secret question please help me because i used this mail address address for a long time i have send many mail to yahoo customer care to resolved my problem nothing is done so when i sign to my yahoo account they asked me WHERE TDO YOU HAVE YOUR HONEYMOON I OPEN THIS ACCOUNT IN 2010 I HAVE NOT WRITE DOWN THE SECRET ANSWER .IS EVERYONE CAN HELP ME THANKS;

To recover Passwords in Yahoo you need:
1) The secret question answer
2) You must have setup a secondary, backup email address. You can send a password reset request there.

Without those items, you are out of luck and the email is a loss.

you cant access your yahoo act but you post your yahoo email address for us to send help to ,sound like a scam to me

I agree that this does sound a little weird. Especially with password resets and mobile reminders and such. I forget my security questions some times, because I don't make them too easy to crack. Questions like "what's your middle name" offer pretty much no security against anyone willing to do a little Googling. I do remember where I went on my honeymoon, and even if I did forget the answers there are just too many other options for getting your account back.

You forgot already where you honeymooned? Sheesh. Too much of something.
You got bigger problems than hacking someone's email.

the orignal post had a phone number and a yahoo email addres in it,that the posted wanted us to use to help them , NOT! i reported it and it was removed by Admin

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