i have forgotten my BIOS password ( I am using aspire 4730z and windows 7 32 bit)

i tried
D:>cmos>windows>ioperm.exe -i

OpenSCManager function call failed.
Error: ioperm.sys installation failed.

how to fix this error
there is any other way to remove BIOS password

thanks for your time

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if it was a bios password that you created then you should be able to remove the bios battery for a while then replace it to remove the password ,or if its a desktop then there is usuall jumpers to switch to set bios to defaults


A lot of systems store the encrypted password in non-volatile memory, and cannot be reset without replacing the chip, or getting a master password from the manufacturer. Go to the manufacturer's web site to see. I have this problem with a Toshiba laptop I am trying to unlock for my grandson. It is a real PITA!

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