Hi. From Philippines here. I am planning of having a secondary internet connection for gaming because my current internet connection which is SmartBroadband 2mpbs plan.

It is enough for playing any online game (Dragon Nest SEA is what I am playing).

My question is, what is the minimum speed required to play such games? and DOTA or other games ?

What i have in mind is using stick broadband (usb broadband). not sure about it's specs yet.

Any idea pls help me. tnx !

Re: Internet Connection for Gaming 80 80

2mbps connection is descent enough for online gaming but I am not from philiphines so i dont know about your ISP. Have you tried playing online with the 2Mbps connection? Are you facing any lag?

Re: Internet Connection for Gaming 80 80

I had 2 Mbps 3 years ago and I managed to play decently all online games I tested, like WOW and Counter Strike. Of course I am from Romania so I can't guarantee your ISP.

Re: Internet Connection for Gaming 80 80

Most online games use very little bandwidth. 2mbps is more than enough to play any online game. The real factor is the latency between you and the other players. High Latency equates to lag which can really hurt online competitiveness.

Any online speedtest should give you a good indication of your speed, but latency is determined by many more factors, the most important of which is the number of hops bewteen you and the server/peer and the time it takes packets to make it back and forth.

Re: Internet Connection for Gaming 80 80

tnx for all the tips. XD

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