I have an IBM Thinkpad t43. when booting i get to the windows blue screen that says "To begin click you user name". There are no usernames to click....nothing. when I hit control/alt/delete the sign in window pops up with administrator in the username and wants a password....

This has never happened..laptop alway booted righ up to my desktop. I do not know any password. I tried safemode but i end up on the same screen.

Can anyone help


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There's no Microsoft supported way to retrieve a lost password, except with a password recovery disk. There are 3rd party tools on the internet that can be used that allow you to boot to an alternate OS (via CD) which will reset administrator account's password. You do this at your own risk and it should be done only if the computer that you have in hand is your own.


If windows is bulescreening then it is pointless trying to recover a password. What you need to do is figure out why it is bluescreening. Test your ram with memtest, google will easily find it. Next, test your hard drive with hdtune, again, google will easily find it. To test the hard drive you might well have to test it using another computer via a usb adapter.


thank you for the responses....is there anyway to bypass the admin sign in window?


No, that's the point to having a secure system. If you could bypass it, what good would it do.

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