I setup a RAS server at work. It is running Win 2003 and everything appears to be working fine. The problem is that if you VPN into that box for some strange reason you only get DNS resolution for resources on the network if you use the FQDN. In other words, if you try and ping testserver it won't work, but if you try and ping testserver.domain it works. This is really problematic because all my users have their resources mapped by just the computer name, not the FQDN. For instance, they will have Outlook setup to look for the email on mailserver not mailserver.domain so when they open outlook it fails to find the exchange server and returns an error.

So far DNS resolution works fine on the RAS box itself and every server/workstation I've tired. It only has this bizarre behavior when you remote in(VPN). Anybody seen this before? I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking.

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It's getting the correct DNS settings(both DNS servers actually) and the correct gateway when connected. It's just failing to add the domain suffix onto any computer names. I can ping boxes using the FQDN(server.domain) which wouldn't work if I wasn't getting DNS resolution. I'm just getting weird DNS resolution(only works if I use the FQDN).

I manually added the domain suffix to my VPN connection and that makes it work fine. Once I did that it resolves as either just the computer name or the FQDN. I'm thinking there has to be something I can change on my RAS service that would do this automatically for me. Otherwise I'll just have to have my users add the domain suffix to their VPN connections.

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