I already installed windows 7 copy to a system and try to connect the share drive windows 2003 server. All other computer can connect share drive but this is first time it refuse to authenticate.

I try to connect share drive with domain/username + password as same way I connected other pcs but without error it fails to connect.

Appreciate your solution for this problem.

You should be connecting using this format domain\username, not domain/username. Also, are you able to connect while logged on a different PC? I assume that your Win 7 computer is joined to the domain? If so, you should not be prompted unless the account you are logged on does not have enough permissions to access the resource. Go back to the resource check your Share and NTFS permissions.

Here's a guide to Share vs NTFS Permissions

That is a typo error. I am using common user / password for the share drive and everyone is local user just I shared the drive and its successfully done for more than 20 computers. However today this problem happen.

everyone is local user

So if there is no domain, then the user account would need to be created on the source as well as the target computer with the exact same username and password. You would not be supplying domain\username. If the username and password is the same on both computers, you would not be prompted.

Any idea to track this issue from server side. I use both ways, domain users and local users. before that it work for me only this computer it happen. Do you think any restriction for the IP from switch/router or server side. but I can ping and remotely connect from same password to the windows server 2003 domain/share server and I didnt change any policy from serverside. Even I confirm from another PC and change the ip of this system, still authentication fails.