Hello, anyone knows how (or where) I can get a PC's average power consumption when it is using one of the 3 power plans available in Windows 7 (Balanced, High Performance and Power Saver)? I need these values for a research work.

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thanks for the search terms, however I need for the specific plans which are found in Win7, such as on average how much the Balanced option uses as power consumption etc, and even google is not getting me these specific info ;)


IF you know the voltage and wattage ratings of the various components you can probably put together a rough estimate on consumption based on how everything changes in wattage usage

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thanks for the additional info Reverend Jim and jsherm101
Am keeping this thread open in case someone can share the specific values which are in use when the said power plans are active in Win7

someone = a person who works at microsoft and deals daily with win 7 & the plans may be ;)

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I think you should choose power saver plan. I use it and its good regarding consumption of power and performance is also good.

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