I'm trying to use two Outlook 2010 accounts and profiles on two computers and two servers by storing all outlook files on an external hard drive. The problem is that one one server is an Exchange server, the other is an IMAP server. Since Exchange creates an ost file that automatically syncs with the server and IMAP does not, is there a way to transfer all contacts, tasks, and calendar items to my external hard drive, then arrange for the Exchange server to update everything when I connect to it. I am really trying to set it up so I can move seamlessly from the computer that contains the Exchange profile to another computer that only contains an IMAP profile by only moving the external hard drive.

Creating a PST file file may be your only answer, go to file, options, advanced, export, select export to a file, next, select outlook data file (pst), select the named account, eg:xx@xx.com, and make sure include subfolders is ticked, next then select the location where you would like the file saved, and finish, on the PC the that you wish to use, open outlook and create the account if you have not already done so, then do the same only you are now importing the file, hope this helps.