Hi, I have a problem with my friends dekstop.

He said he can't login windows and all he get was a total black screen so he gave it to me for checking...

Initially, after windows 7 splash screen, it should prompt to login window, but it didn't. Instead, it just show black screen with a functional mouse cursor which didn't help at all.
I even try to boot in safe mode, restore more and everything in F8 but get the same problem...

So I try to use chkdsk to solve it in repair windows and found some errors so I thought it should be okay now but no change. Startup repair using vista recovery disk also with zero outcome. I try to restore his pc with system restore but apparently he doesn't even have a single restore point I can use.

I even try to use quick KAV live cd to scan it whether it could be virus problem in windows directory but nothing show up.

My last resort is just to format it but if anyone could help before I formatted is really appreciated. Just to note that I cannot access into his windows 7 in any way except with live cd and/or bootable disk.

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core 2 Duo

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Just clarifying, you can't get beyond the login screen right? Problem may be due to a virus. CAn you access the bios and did you hear a beep sequence?


Well, it stay blank just after windows 7 logo loading and it won't even get to login screen at all. Not even in safe mode would help. I can still access bios though...


Didn't help at all... I'm certain that the hardware had got anything wrong at all.
Using any bootable pendrive and even live cd works which confirmed RAM, power supply and bios works properly...

In startup, it was able to pass BIOS and windows loading screen and that's it. Afterwards it just show nothing on the screen except mouse cursor which can be movable. No windows, no task manager or anything, just black screen. I've let it wait for almost an hour but no luck as well...


Got any beep sequence usually that will tell you what is your problem. Might be a virus problem, try doing a scan with malwarebytes.


Apparently, I've try using KAV Rescue Disk 10 but couldn't find anything. Try correcting with Mini XP as well but no avail.

During bootup, I didn't hear any beeping sound at all, it just booting normally like it always does.

No matter what I do, it'll always still the same. Stuck in between loading screen and login screen. I think I'll stick with reformatting whole disk since my friends want to use his pc badly...

Thanks for helping anyway...

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Try just that and tell us whether it works, if the problem persist something is seriously wrong with the computer. Have your friend back up his data before?


Unfortunately he hasn't and the last time he used, his friends use his computer and do something he don't know and afterwards, the problem occur...

I've reinstall windows 7 ultimate for him and it works, it getting through every process without any problem. I've also reinstall drivers for him and now the desktop runs good...


Well maybe you would like to tell him not to let his friends use his computer again. lol


Yeah, maybe I will... Thanks again for replying and helping me...

You are welcome, sorry about this time not able to offer more help to you this time. Feel free to come back to daniweb and ask for help anytime. :)

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