Hi all,

Something funny has happened recently when using WORD. When I open a folder to scan the list of files contained therein, I notice that a certain number of the file names are now listed in the color blue, rather than the usual black. What has caused this color change? Is this something to worry about? Would appreciate any response to this query. No one I speak to seems to know anything about this. Very puzzling ... but is it ominous?
Thanks in advance. / Yonas / prossner@total.net

What you're describing vaguely rings a bell, but I can't remember exactly what causes the color-change. Can you provide a couple of details please?

* Do the files appear in blue when browsing them in Windows Explorer, when browsing through Word's File/Open... menu option, or both?
* Do the colored files have anything in common such as their type/extension or some other attribute?

With NTFS encrypted and compressed files appear in color by default in XP/2003. Folder Option control panel on 'View' tab.

I believe blue is encrypted.

blue filename == compressed file
green filename == encrypted

Nothing to worry about, just right click, properties, advanced and you'll see the compress and encrypt options. Your encrypt option may be grayed out if you have xp home.

Thanks for the info Laser and cozofdeath; you two remembered what I'd forgotten...