hello, How is everyone today? I hope good. I know Lotus Notes isn't really MS Office application, but people at this forum are always great. Much Love to all on this forum.
General InfO:
PC = IBM T42 laptop Windows XP.

I have Lotus notes 6.5 when i click on the Subject column in my inbox it doesn't sort by subject? is this b/c they got rid of that feature in 6.5 from the previous version?

also, When i respond or forward an email, it marks it as "Unread" and sometime i have to open close an email a few times to have it mared as 'Read'.

Any help would be much appreciated.

the marking as unread seems to be a bug in 6.5
not familiar much with older versions so not sure about the otehr issue

I have the same problem. I was using Lotus Notes R5.0.8 and I could sort the subject field. I now work with a different company, and they are using Lotus Notes 6.5 and there is no triangle on the subject column.

Wonder if this is fixable in some template or perhaps the feature was removed. Hope someone can share an answer on this.

Shay Givens.

Lotus notes 6.5 , one client system Win XP sp3 , Lotus mails are not displayed in sent items after replication, although mails are delivered, can u help?