Hi guys.

I am having a problem where by microsoft Excel will not allow one of my users to overwrite a file that is within her share in the server.

We get the error "Document not saved" when trying to overwrite but are able to save a new document.

I have looked through the microsoft site and i can't find anything there.

Thanks for your help

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It seems like your friend has modified the access permission of the file to Read for other users except her.

Ask her to change the file access permissions.

It can be changed by following steps.

1)right click on the file and select properties.
2)select security tab. A list of users with their permissions will be shown to you.
3)Ask your friend to select your username and select full control permission over the file.

Then you can able to modify the file...

Hope this helps u... :-D

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I have checked the permiossions i have full control on the folder and the file and i can overwrite word and powerpoint but it seems to be just excel


The file maybe locked by another user. You can disconnect any connected users via the computer managment admin console, or rebooting the server wil force the disconnections.


Just as a test, have you tried saving the file as a different name? If yes how did that go?


File is not read only.
there are no other sessions open for the file.
I can save it with a different name no problem its only when trying to overwrite the original file the i keep getting a "file not saved" message

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There can be a number of reasons for this to happen.

  • Network Restrictions
  • The Workbook is shared
  • Filename length is too long
  • Are there 3rd party add-ins?
  • Are formulas being evaluated with the Transition Formula Evaluation?

Hi guys.

Thanks for all your help.I'm not 100% on what happened but this morning it just worked.

Gotta love how computers work sometimes.

Thanks again guys

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