Hello folks. i am into online fashion business which i started with my friends 2 years back in a partnership. we are 6 people, however domain is owned by just one 1 partner whose activites have become highly suspicious these days. so i want to ask you guys if its possible to have more than one owners of a particular domain? is it possible that the ownership of our website domain becomes "shared" in 6 partners? Cheers!

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If you have a company, then you could move the domain to that. AFAIK there's only one administrative contact.


thanks for your reply pritaeas, but can you please elaborate your answer a little?


From a registrar perspective, you can have one admin, but several different people from a contact as well as an access perspective.

For example:

You can have an Admin Technical Contact, as well as an Organizatonal contact. Each is truly only one entry, so it is best to have a generic contact name and number internal to your organization, that you can control and provide rights and access to internally.

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