Ok, here's the history of the problem.
I have 80GB Hard drive "Samsung sp0411c" and I am using it since two years with my old desktop system with this S.M.A.R.T error at the startup (BIOS).

I think there are some bad sectors involved at the last part of the HDD space. There were 4 partitions initially i.e. (C, D, E, & F). The problem started with partition F with following issues;

? Always took so long copying files into F
? System got stuck up when some file(s), folder(s) from F drive were opened and then automatic restart
? That time ran CHKDSK on F drive but in the middle of scanning it always restarted the PC automatically.
? Sometimes system restarted when I was copying some random data in the F partition.
? Whenever this restart thing happened, at the start up it displayed that there is no primary hard drive detected. Then eventually it came back live after 2-3 attempts (always).
? I also deleted the Partition F: and then recreated the partition but same problems persisted.

Due to above issues I left the partition F as it was and used others like C,D & E but an year before the partition E started to do things same way F was doing and at that point F was not accessible with error popping (The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?)

I formatted the partition F and ran following HDD tools afterwards (Partition Table Doctor) (HDD Regenerator). Surface tests for C,D,E was fine but when it started scanning the HDD somewhere in F partition area, these tools messed up with something (took so long) (stuck at sectors for long time without repairing it).

I came to know that there are some serious issues in the HDD sectors inside the last 1GB part of the hard disk. I made 5 partitions C,D,E,F,G . The G partition was for 1GB space and I never opened this drive since I created it because this will cause same problem what the F was doing before.

I don't have much issues with C,D,E & F while operating them. Don't use F too much to be at safe side.
But I feel that HDD is very slow overall and and every time I turn this system on I get "720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure Attribute failed: #83". Wondering if it could be fixed or not and I know and understand that my hard disk was failing ever since and most of you guys will advice to back up and purchase a new one, but I am still on to fix this one and, as if there's any way to get it right up?

Many Thanks!

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Samsung may have a tool to "repair" bad sectors on their drives, but you are wise to backup all data before hand. That takes another drive. SMART will likely by now have exhausted its reserve of sectors to use as replacements.
HDD Regen costs almost as much as a new drive....
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