Hi Techs Members

I have been having a problem when i goto connect usb devices to a "XP Professional" Machine where as the computer will not recognize my devices.

Although i experienced this same problem long ago and recognized a fix Now I have forgotton.

would someone post the most reasonale fix suggestions to help me find my way to a working usb port system where as my usb "toys" all will work when properly connected to the PC... - BIG D

I have found that sometimes when this happens you can fix it by going to the device manager and removing all the USB hubs and devices, then rebooting. That will reinstall all of the drivers. I had a similar problem with Win7 not being able to recognize my USB thumb and flash drives or USB bluetooth. That resolved the problem.

Go to device manager and diable all USB ports. Re-boot the system. It will automatically pick the needed drivers and it will be fine.