One of my computers is 7 or 8 years old. I've never had any problems until now with Microsoft accepting my OS as genuine (and it is). Yseterday, I got a notice that MSE would no longer be operational because my copy of Vista Home Premium was not "genuine". Today, everything is back to normal. Even the desktop notice that "This copy of Windows is not genuine" is gone. I haven't even yet contacted Microsoft about the issue.

I recently replaced the motherboard in this computer. My simple question for which I can't seem to get a direct answer, is this:

Could the replacing of the motherboard have alerted Microsoft that the product key was no longer associated with the original motherboard and prompted them to issue the statement that my copy of Windows was not genuine?



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Yes, that could trigger it. It is the equivalent of taking your OS media and I stalling it on another PC. Not sure why your message just went away though.


I'm not sure why the message went away, either. When I got the message, I went to System Properties which showed that Windows was still activated. I decided to try to download updates to see what would happen. An update for MSE was available. I installed it. When I booted up the next morning, the message was gone.


Yesterday, I needed DISM. I had to download WAIK in order to get it. My OS had to pass Microsoft's Genuine Check in order to download it. It did. I don't know how Microsoft made they're mistake, but apparently it has been resolved to their satisfaction. I will mark this thread 'Solved'.

Thanks, Jorge!


thanks for the update, your experience could help someone else out there with a similar problem. take care.

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