A Microsoft update this morning crashed my Vista machine.
I was able to get it going again in safe mode and did a system restore back
to last night - well past the problem time, which was 10.45am this morning.
Unfortunately, the Vista machine remains crashed and unusable.
Not sure what to do next.

hi, try safe mode,go to [add and remove] Programs in control panel and click on show updaes ,and remove the one that caused the problem if it still thre ,migh work

Hi caperjack.
I was installing a Microsoft Update when the problem happened, but there is
nothing in the updates list for today!
The restore must have removed it, but it did not get the machine working again.
It remains solidly locked in normal mode.

So from Safe Mode, if you look in \Windows, are there $NtUninstallKB.... folders dated yesterday? Open them, open spuninst folder and dclick spuninst.exe.

Hi gerbil.
When you say about looking in Windows can I ask you please where exactly I should be
I am not sure where exactly to find the folders you mention.
Machine is still firmly locked in normal mode 24 hours later.

Whoops, my mistake. That was for XP; they changed the system for Vista, and thus Caperjack's post details the correct and only way to remove updates. You could try repeating the updates from Safe Mode with Networking, but you would need the KB number so as to download it. AU won't work if the system thinks it has it already.
Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks gerbil.
The update no longer shows in the list, following system restore.
Although system restore performs successfully it does nothing to improve the situation.
I have gone right back to last Friday when things were working perfectly.
Am told that system restore was successful.
Machine still locked in normal mode.
I don't have the KB number, but I believe it was an update for .net framework 4 on 3rd July.
Windows Update won't work in safe mode.

This one...?
Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008 x86 (KB2836939)
Date last published: 6/11/2013
Download size: 5.5 MB
That bit about AU not working was a bit surplus to the post. I meant for you to grab the KB number and download the installer itself, and to try re-applying it.

After clicking on Download it asks you to choose the download you want.
I clicked on NDP40 - KB2836939-x86.exe but nothing happened.
This was in Safe Mode, the only available mode.

Lessee, i click the red download button, a box pops with the options, i check one, and hit that Next button, and the dl starts. Down the BR corner.... :)

Thanks gerbil.
Machine is working again.
A bit sluggish at the start until a message appears saying that Ulead Video Studio has
stopped working.
Do you know if that item can be safely uninstalled?
Great to have system working.
The download plus option 2 in the Microsoft recommendations - see link - seemed to do the trick.
Thanks again.

ULead... find its launch point and disable it to see if that improves startup performance. It's likely in DocsnSetts\some user\start menu\pgms\startup; if not in one of those folders, then use Technet's Autoruns to locate it.
If you use it regularly, try installing over the top again.
Great that you got the sys running again. Did you use msconfig to isolate the problem service [fastest way is to choose half, then half again, then ha...]?

I did use msconfig.
Thanks again gerbil.
Really appreciate all your help.

Thanks for your help with this matter.
Always delighted to have your input.

your welcome ,i stayed of it when i seen you were in the much capable hands of gerbil,happy computing

No, I won't have that, caper... I blew the Vista uninstall updates bit. I do have a W7 machine to learn from... I just prefer my ol XP.
So I bumble through... :). And I shouldn't push in...
Hey, Techno, what service was the problem, if any?

No, I won't have that, caper... I blew the Vista uninstall updates bit

nah,just a lucky guess on my part ,i thought they were all the same .lol

i still have xp on an old laptop i use from time to time

Didn't need to go so far as to see which service was responsible.
Once it started working I did a runner to enjoy having it back again.
It has been working very well ever since.
I was very fortunate to have yourself and the excellent caperjack on board
and to get the matter resolved so quickly.

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