Dear Experts

I have got my work laptop (windows 7) that was configured to access a domain work.

When I log in to my laptop the username that was assigned to me is like that : country\d50001122,,,,,,,,made it up and password is : forum

When I am at home I want to backup my work from the laptop to a network drive on my home desktop computer (called storage1).

On my desktop computer I tried to create a username d50001122 ( I removed the country with slash) and with same domain password.

Then I enabled the sharing and the security on my home drive.

I tried from my laptop to access that drive but error message pops us :

[quote]You do not have permission to access [B]\homedesktop\storage1[/B]. Contact your network administrator to request access[/quote]

Did i miss something ? is that error because of user is a domain user ?


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homedesktop\storage is not accessible by domainuser\user. The very simple workaround is to connect to homestorage with different credentials.

From Windows Explorer, Right click My Computer and select Map Network Drive. Pick a drive letter, enter your homestorage folder location, tick the checkbox for 'connect using different credentials', and enter your home PC id/pw when promtped.

Now you can access the share by UNC or Drive letter.

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