I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
I have a 16 bit application that I developed with Borland Turbo C++ on XP.
I have installed XP mode and reloaded Borland and my application, but when I try to run it, nothing appears to happen.
When I run it under the Borland Debugger I get the message:

An application has attempted to access the keyboard or mouse hardware as a 16 bit Windows application, which cannot be supported. This may cause the application to function incorrectly.

This comes after my latest reinstall of W7 after some very strange errors started cropping up.
This never happened in previous installs of XP Mode.
I have also installed my copy of XP SP3 using VirtualBox, and have got exactly the same message.

I originally saw this message when I installed the Borland software on W7 and tried to run it from there, but it has ALWAYS worked in XP Mode in the past.

The funny(!) thing is that I have a second application created in Turbo C++ and that is working correctly.

Can someone tell me what is going on? XPMode

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Have you tried to run the executable in compatibility mode?

Right-click on the executable file and choose "Properties," and then click the "Compatibility" tab.

Tick off the box stating "Run this program using Compatibility Mode."

Select the version of Windows for which the software was originally written from the drop-down menu.

Click "OK" to save changes.

First off, I'm not sure if it was clear enough, but I was not talking about MS-DOS applications, i.e. console applications, but 'proper' windows applications with all the relevant api calls, so instructions on how to troubleshoot MS-DOS applications doesn't seem quite right, nor does WOW. Unless I've got that wrong?
Compatibility mode? Why, these programs were developed on XP for XP and worked from SP1 to SP3 quite happily AND in every reinstall of XP Mode until now!
I have finally worked my way through ALL the updates that Windows Update could find, and the result is still the same.
So what next?

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