So i'm trying to set up a network but my computer doesn't have the driver for the ethernet controller and was wondering how or where I would be able to find the driver to install. LIke I said its on Windows XP using a dell 2350.

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Somehow I lost the ethernet controller driver, and my computer is so slow I am ready to throw it out the window! Please help me?


cheri, do you have a Motherboard cd with chipset drivers? If so, load it and run the Ethernet driver installation.
No? Then try going to Device Manager [run devmgmt.msc], expand Network Adapters by lclicking the +, then rclick your adapter, choose Properties.
Go to Driver tab, press Roll back driver.
If that does not work, navigate to the same page, but instead press Driver details button. Note the driver names, gurgle for them and dl from a reputable site [you can dl them to a flashdrive etc]. If you require more than one driver file they may all come in a zipped package.
Finally go back to that DM page but press Update driver.... force the wizard [ie. do not go to Windows update site] to look in the folder or drive to where you dl'd them.

It is usually better to create your own thread with a few details, like the mb make, model, ethernet model... :). I mean, I've gone to more trouble than you did.

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