@echo off
REM This batch file will play with shift command

echo %1
if %2 == GOTO end
goto loop

exit 0

When I inputted C:\Users\~\Desktop> Shift.bat 1 2 3
I got this

end was unexpected at this time.

Why do I keep getting "end was unexpected at this time.

Try this:
if "%2" == "" goto end
It has been a long time since I have written any complex DOS/Windows batch commands, so I may be mistaken... :-)

commented: Thanks for your help it worked +2

Figured it out right before you replied and I did the same thing you said and it worked. Thanks!!

Happy to help! Good luck.

Turning ECHO on might have guided you to the answer. You were testing %2 = empty as null - If tests strings.
But if the wish was to print 1 2 3 then there is no need for %2...
IF "%1" == "" GOTO end
would work. A sprinkling of pauses can help, too.
I hope that made sense.

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