there is a pc with intel i3-2gb ram with intel mthrboard..all parts are quite new,,,there is a problem of shut down with previous window...although today i install the window 7-ultimate 64 bit...window works quite well,,only problem is of shut down..whwnever i click shut down,,,here is window shutting down screen...the small desktop circle-revolving here just stopped and niether display nor pc actually gots shutdown..i wait here until 10-15 minutes..nthng happens,,,i have to unplug the power cable or press the power tym i got it restarted,the same problem make it shut down,i have to press power button or unplug the power cable....reply the solution

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Since you say that it also was a problem with other versions of Windows it is likely a hardware or bios problem. Try updating the bios first.

You might want to check the power management settings in the BIOS. On some machines, you need to enable power management by the OS, otherwise it doesn't allow the OS to shut down the machine completely.

okkk..Is there be any BIOS connection with same pc as there is another problem also,,whenever i change or open the CMOS setup,after make changes or set it unultered,by pressing f10 or "exit and saving changes",the screen remains here for atleast4-6 seconds with no key effect,means when we press yes for saving changes,screen remain here for 5-6 seconds,afterwards getting blank/black screen on lcd,after it getting restarted....seems like CMOS setup just get hanged after changes or opening........

It is possible that the cmos and/or flash memory is bad, or that it has become corrupted. The first thing to do is to either install an updated bios if available, or to re-install the current bios if not. You should be able to get them from the computer manufacturer's web site support pages for your motherboard and/or computer.

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Please kindly provide the PC brand and model

Hi did you try re-installing the Windows or I'd rather suggest you to format it with different Windows CD/DVD like Windows 8 or Windows 7 64-bit but another CD/DVD.

actually problem never get's solved,i tried bios update also...this also never worked,because there is problem in bios update also....actually it is intel DH-55PJ mthrboard.i had installed latest bios from intel support,,,after bios update wizard,there is a notification that pc will restart automatically after bios update,,pc display gets off,dn't know whether it gets shut down properly or not,OR never gets restart back.Means No display after bios wizard finishing,but pc is actually working...meanss cpu is still working,but never gets display get it,every time i have to press power button from cabinet,as the result BIOS popup is there signaling BIOS updated successfully,but from analyze it has been reported that BIOS never gets updated successfully...It stuck to its earlier (current)version only...How to get rid of it????????????????

Oh, your problem is really very difficult, I can understand what you are facing off?

Please try to contact with nearby computer shop.

Reason: We will not get the real problem with the chat untill we see it,
And the another reason is if this hapens all time, i mean you are shutting down your pc, and your pc is not powerdd off and directly removing power cables may react with some new problem,
It may react that your Hard disk to be crash too, so that I will just prefer to go with the nearby computer shop.

Before this: you should check the Memory (ram): Isn't there any problem in it?
you may find some tool on google and here one of the article is here

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