Hi all,
I'm in a trouble. I just formatted my pc. but after that there is no disk drive in my computer.(plz look the image) while formatting, i can't copy the files named ks.sys and sp2.cab beacase of damaged or old boot disk. And i can't install audio driver. The installation wizard shows me that find out the file named ksuser.dll. I downloaded the files ks.sys and sp2.cab from internet. but how can i add this to my PC ?.Do i need a fresh installation of windows ?. plz help me

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I assume you are talking about you CD/DVD drive. Does the device show up in Disk Management? Right-click My Computer and select Manage. Under the Storage tree selection, choose Disk Management. You should see your CD/DVD drive there. If not, does your CD/DVD show in your BIOS? Can you still boot off of your CD/DVD?


Hi nicentral,
Thanks...but i format my pc again with another disk and now everything seems to be ok..

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